Asset & investment management

We aim to offer tailor made assistance for private and institutional real estate investors. We are specialized in real estate services and investment management.


Our Philosophy

Boutique player

It is "H to H", a 'human to human' relationship reflecting that you have chosen for a dedicated and personal approach. We are a niche performer acting and serving you 'hand in hand' in your global management.

A dedicated local team

A local human scaled team with a individual and personal approach of highly skilled individuals. We analyses the work and team up with your and our partners (lawyers, brokers, engineers, project managers, etc...) to respond to highest service requirements.

solid growing network

We are not intermediates nor sellers. We aim reaching excellence and extract the best out of your assets. Assisting in having the full picture when making an acquisition without being a broker, managing together the assets and  assisting in the disposal of the asset. Existing through a permanent solid growing network, each asset is taken care of by one of the founders.


When performing our mission, a major goal in our selection is sustainability. We try to adapt a sustainable philosophy in the partner, management and our daily behavior.


A small dedicated team acting as a partner of your team as the local right arm, and assisting you in archiving your objectives. We aim to offer tailor made assistance for private and institutional real estate investors. We are specialized in real estate services and investment management.

Being boutique player, fully independent of any broker on the market offering a strong experience in a well established network.

We work in a "human to human" relationship offering a personalized service package.

Working towards a relationship that grows through time, we dedicate ourselves to a limited amount of instructions and the DNA is towards creating almost a colleagial relationship.


We call ourselves 'outsourced colleagues' as we need to feel ourselves to be your colleague. Working together towards the best performance for the asset in each discipline.


  • Commercial approach of the management in a close and long term relationship: tenancy agreements, tenant relationship, annual planning and management information and creating value together.
  • Financial approach with rent invoicing, account receivables, financial reports, service cost billing, liquidity forecast and VAT administration.
  • Technical management in a 24/7 management and maintenance budget. Analysys of the most adequate operator for the asset.

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Asset Management & consulting

  • Accompany the real estate brokers and agents in leasing the vacant spaces aiming to improve the performance of the asset
  • Coordinate all operational teams and liaise with the Property Manager and Property Accountancy.
  • Liaising with the fiduciary to improve the fiscal management of the asset
  • Discuss and design the commercial strategy and prepare the asset for its next life.


  • Based on the investors of fund's profile, analyzing the proposed assets, the market, the history and the occupier.
  • Designing a strategy for the future and preparing  before acquiring the exit strategy
  • Balancing the options, the appetite of the market and the requirements
  • Set up a specific team for each file / proposal analyzing the content of it to optimize the success
  • Analyzing the data room with a local commercial view and long term strategy
  • Assist to the meetings and preparing together the memo


  • Exit strategy through  active asset management. 
  • Teaming up specialized skills 
  • Thinking out of the box and going for new opportunities
  • Assisting with operational hand's on work and collect the necessary information in view of selling
  • Manage together with the accounting team the liquidation of the property company if necessary

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The company

ASSET & INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT REAL ESTATE was started by 2 people that wanted to offer independent services with strong relations with the broken and still be independent.



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Mobile: +32 475 30 74 91

Frédéric DE BAERE

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